Gut Health Foods: Improving Gut Bacteria

One of the greatest ways to help your body achieve the right balance in overall health is to look after the good bacteria in your gut. And, gut bacteria need the right gut health foods to flourish!

Many people are today chasing weight loss and and other lifestyle choices to improve their overall health. Whereas there is nothing wrong with that, we sometimes make a mistake of stopping there when there is a little more that we can do to achieve a complete balance. You see, I am not saying you need to go extreme. All you need is to strike a balance.

One of the best ways to do that is through eating natural prebiotics, also known as gut health foods. You may already know about probiotics, but this is something that is different. Gut health foods have a type of fiber that good bacteria in the gut live on. Besides, fiber can also efficiently take care of digestion in your tummy to ease most digestive problems and stress.

There are some natural ways that you can follow to get gut bacteria-friendly fiber into your body. The following are some of the best gut health foods that will help you build and maintain good gut bacteria in your tummy.

Best Gut Health Foods for Good Bacteria

Dandelion Greens

One of the good gut health foods that you can start with is dandelion greens. Young, fresh dandelion leaves come with great taste and aroma. Dandelion greens are rich in an array of essential minerals and vitamins. Best of all, dandelion greens contain good amounts of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that promotes and maintains the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Inulin can actually relieve a great deal of stomach ailments. It can help ease the stress of constipation, and improve frequency and urinary function. This can help your heart health and your gut, and can even help you gain the upper hand in overall digestive health.

Wondering how to prepare dandelion greens for your supper? This site has some interesting recipes to get you started. If you’re allergic to dandelions, this is not going to be a good choice, though. But, if you’re not allergic, this could be a great option to try out.


Another vegetable to add to your gut health foods is this one. Leeks are full of vitamin K, and can deliver a great benefit of fiber, and more. This vegetable is graded as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

While you may not enjoy the flavor at first, there’s a lot of things that you can do to make the flavor a little milder, and increase the overall health benefits that come with this solution. Leeks are in the same family with vegetables such as garlic.


Here’s something that most of us can enjoy everyday and get the gut health benefits that come with fiber enriched diets. When you eat some of these gut health foods, you will be delivering a better health benefit to the body. Bananas do just that and more. There’s a good amount of fiber in them. But overall, you’ll find that there’s a resistant element to it, and that’s where you’ll get the prebiotic fiber goodness.

Note, though, that you need them a little under-ripe, which means that they should be a little green. This will help with a healthy gut and in reducing heart burn, or even an upset stomach.

Artichoke (Jerusalem)

You already know that you should be eating your vegetables, but here’s one vegetable that most people don’t really know about.

Artichoke has a great deal of fiber, also in the form of inulin. Inulin cannot be digested by the human digestive system., but good gut bacteria feed on it.

Artichoke is an option that cannot only help you increase the digestive tract health, but can also boost your immune system. It will simply push your immune system higher and help with digestion. It will make you feel better and even boost your metabolic rate all the same.


Did you know that cocoa can be so powerful? Cocoa is well-known for being a very rich source of flavanols, plant-derived nutrients with good health benefits.

But, you won’t just go buy every chocolate bar and get this. You will need to find a type that is not over-processed, or spiked with tons of sugar.

Dark chocolate, for instance can have a fair amount of this. You want to find the right flavanols to ensure that you’re getting the healthy gut effect. These can be found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder.


One easy way to introduce gut health foods and more prebiotic fiber to the body is through eating oats. Oats, mainly whole oats, can deliver a powerful punch into the body. Oats contain high quantities of a soluble fiber that provides an environment for good bacteria to flourish.

It helps lower cholesterol, help the stomach digest better, ease bowel movements, and bring about a great deal of anti-inflammatory elements to help with reducing cancer risks. You’ll also discover that whole oats can also provide a more filling meal when you are trying to lose weight.

Gut Health Foods

At the end of the day, the above are just some of the good gut health foods out there. Test them out and see how your body can get healthier overall. If you know other gut health foods or other sources of prebiotic fiber, you are most welcome to add them in the comments below.

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