Powerful Gut Health Secrets You Should Know

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The gut is a hollow tube that stretches from the mouth to the anus. The stomach and the intestines make up the main part of the gut and are the basis of gut health. Every food that we eat enters the body through this tube. It gets digested and absorbed in the stomach and the intestines. In the same way, most of the poisonous substances that find their way into your body do so through the gut. The gut is sometimes called the gastrointestinal tract.

The main role of the gut in the whole body system is to digest food, absorb nutrients, and get rid of waste products. To do all that well, the gut must self be in good health. That is the foundation of this website: gut health. When the gut fails to perform some of the tasks I have mentioned above, problems associated with poor gut health will follow.

Poor digestion of food means that nutrients are not well broken down. Poor absorption of nutrients will result in nutritional deficiencies. Poor elimination of waste products has its own complications leading to poor gut health and poor general health.

These are the most well-known tasks of the gut. There is yet other functions of the gut that are not obvious to us. The first is preventing foreign substances in the food you eat from entering the blood system.

Absorption of food takes place in the intestines. The wall of the intestines is able to select what to absorb and what to block out. Thus, we refer to the intestinal wall as being semi-permeable. This is the most basic and most important role of your gut – to prevent any foreign objects or substances from entering inside your body. Like a gatekeeper. When your gut fails to perform this function well it leads to a condition called leaky gut.

Another critical role is that the gut is host to 70% of the immune tissue inside the body. This part of the immune system is collectively called Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT).

Sometimes the wall of the intestines loses its permeability and starts allowing undigested food particles and foreign substances to enter the blood system. This gives rise to all sorts of problems.

This is how most of the lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and auto-immune diseases come about. Examples of autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. These conditions are all related to poor gut health in some way.

Men have all over the ages known most of the diseases that trouble human beings start in the gut. Hippocrates, a Greek physician of over 2 000 years ago once said: “All disease begins in the gut“.

In these modern days, it is even worse because of changes in our diets and lifestyles. Our modern diets lead us to consume unnatural, overly processed foods that can give us a leaky gut and all associated complications.

Gut Health Secrets

This website, Gut Health Secrets, seeks to make everyone aware of the importance of gut health and how gut health affects our general health. Gut health Secrets covers foods rich in dietary fiber, foods you can take to improve your good gut bacteria, foods that can act against the bad bacteria in the gut, and a lot more.

One way or another, every piece of food that you eat has an effect on your health. Knowing this, you can choose to eat foods that feed, nourish, and heal your gut and your body or foods that feed and destroy your gut health. It’s your choice, it’s my choice.

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